Engine: Continental, Model R-6602 six cylinder in line, Displacement 602 cubic inches, Horsepower @ 210

Transmission: Dana-Spicer, Model 6352, Type Synchromesh 5-speed standard shift

Transfer Case: Rockwell, Model T-138, Type 2-speed (high/low range) standard shift with automatic front axle engagement, Ratios: High 1:1; Low 2.024:1

Grade Ability: 70 degrees

Axles: Rockwell, Type Double-reduction full-floating, Ratio: 6.44:1

Features: Double frame; Power steering; Air brakes; Eleven 14:00X20 tires; 80 gallon fuel tank; Front mounted winch (50,000 lbs.); New hardtop cab roof; New personnel cab heater; 20-foot all steel stake body bed with double floor and removeable sides; Plus the availability of all wheel drive that will put you on top no matter what.

General: The truck has been fully serviced and reconditioned to a like new state with everything tested and functioning properly. All oils, filters, antifreeze, etc. serviced. All wheels pulled and brakes inspected and all seals replaced along with all bearings repacked. Two new batteries. All high wear items either replaced or rebuilt to like new specs along with complete greasing and inspection of all components. Exterior is finely finished in the military camo scheme.

To view the above truck please contact John at

814-834-1018 or 814-834-1628 or email gijohn@windstream.net

Remember this truck with its all wheel drive and ability to climb a maximum grade of 70 degrees leaves this truck with endless possibilities!

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